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The Lord ….. at your call !

“Swami, I have been blessed with a Child after chanting Dhathre Namaha. We had remained issueless for 9 years since marriage.”  “I got All India First Rank in the CA Final Exam by chanting Aksharaya Namaha” Truely, He is the Lord answering your Call. He is always at your Call. With indescribable urge to  make the Common-man understand the significance and efficacy of  Vishnu Sahasranama this project writing stories for each names of the thousand names of the Lord was commenced. These thousand names have meanings written out as large treatises by great spiritual masters and scholars. The job of serialization of the stories on Vishnu Sahasranama is continuing in the temple monthly trilingual magazine VAK with anecdotes of first 100 names already published. The first volume which is a compilation of first 60 anecdotes has been released on 29th August 2007 as a part of Shashtiabdhapurthi celebrations of author “Shastra-sahiti-Vallabha” Sri U.Ve. Sribhashya Simhasanam V.S. Karunakaacharya Swami.  

  • Author:  V.S Karunakaran
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 245

 The lord ……at your  call !

Vedam Pottrum Divya Desangal (Tamil )


The  recitation of  vedic mantras is an integral part temple festivals. But what is the relevance of  chanting these mantras which are prescribed to be recited various stages of the Ashwamedha and other sacrifices during the temple festivals ? Do these mantras sing the glory of the Lord or his avatars or his divine abodes in holy Divya Desas  as sung by Alwars?

 “Shastra-sahiti-Vallabha” Sri U.Ve. Sribhashya Simhasanam V.S. Karunakaacharya Swami brings out answers to these questions which arise  in minds inquisitive devotees of today in a exhaustive work which brings out a new perspective on meanings of these ancient mantras.

This unique project is being published as series of articles in Tamil spiritual monthly Sri Ranganatha Paduka. The first volume of this project  was released as a part of  Shashtiabdhapurthi celebrations  of the author.

  • Author: Sri U.Ve.Karunakarachar
  • Publisher: Sri Nadadoorammal Trust
  • Year of Publication: 2009
  • Language: Tamil
  • Number of Pages: 525

Vedam Potrum Divya Desangal

Lakshmi Ashtotara-sata-nama Nirukti Stuti (English -Sanskrit , 3 Volumes)


The Lakshmi ashtotara (108 sacred names of Sri Maha Lakshmi) is a text of great reverence  for all Hindus. These 108 names of divine consort of Lord Vishnu is chanted along with the thousand names of Lord Vishnu in all important temples

However no ancient explanatory text is available to us explaining the meaning of these names. The author “Shastra-sahiti-Vallabha” Sri U.Ve. Sribhashya Simhasanam V.S. Karunakaacharya Swami has now given us essence of each of these names in sweet sanskrit verses based his vast knowledge authentic texts of our acharyas. Not only that, for the benefit of common man the author has explained  the meanings of each of these names in through a appropriate anecdotes in simple English.

The work has been published by the Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Satsangam of New Delhi in three volumes.

  • Author: U.Ve.Shri.V.S.Karunakaran
  • Publisher: Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Satsangam
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Language: English/Sanskrit
  • Number of Pages: 95+100 +102
  • Number of Books: 3

Lakshmi Ashtotara-sata-nama Nirukti Stuti vol 


Audio CD/DVDs of discourse  by Sri U.Ve. V. S. Karunakarachariar Swami

Srimad Bhagavatha Saptaha Pravachanamdiscourse in Tamil held at Asthika Samajam Alwarpet Chennai. CD :
Srimad Bhagavatha Saptaha Pravachanam


Srimad Ramayanathil Saranagathi

discourse in Tamil held at T.Nagar Chennai. CD

Srimad Ramayanathil Saranagathi


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Sri Desika Vaibhavam Discourse in Tamil held at           Malleswaram Desika Sabha, Bangalore – CD

Sri Desika Vaibhavam

Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam Upanyasam Collection of Discourses in Tamil held at Sri Suprabhata Sabha Chennai. CD:Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam Upanyasam

Sri Krishna Leelai – Discourse in Tamil held at Malleswaram Desika Sabha, Bangalore – CD

Sri Krishna Leelai


Broadway Upanyasam Collection ofDiscourses in Tamil on Sri Anjaneyar Vaibhavam, Sri Chakrathalwar Vaibhavam, Sri Varadarajar Vaibhavam  &   Sri Nadadoor Ammal Vaibhavam – CD

Broadway Upanyasam


Yakshaprashnam -2007,2009 and 2010 – Discourse in Tamil  held at Malleswaram Desika Sabha, Bangalore – about 30 hours of

Upanyasam – DVD



Isavasyopanishad – A discourse in English -held at  Sri Vaikuntanathji Mandir, Delhi, 1994 – CD



Thirupaavai 2007 – Discourse in Tamil  held in Malleswaram Desika Sabha,Bangalore  – about 50 hours of Upanyasam – DVD

Thirupaavai 2007


Tat Tvam Asi – A discourse in English – held at Sri Vaikuntanathji Mandir, Delhi, 1994 – CD

Tat Tvam Asi


Thirupaavai 2009 – Discourse in Tamil held at Malleswaram Desika Sabha Bangalore– about 50 hours of Upanyasam- DVD

Thirupaavai 2009


Garuda Vaibhavam A discourse in Tamil held at Malleswaram Desika Sabha, Bangalore,  2010 – about 8 hours of Upanyasam- CD

Garuda Vaibhavam

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