Sri Nadadoor Ammal Tirumaligai

The Sanskrit word Nadam meaning lotus flower, at once brings to mind of a Sri Vaishnavaite the Lotus Feet of his Lord. The devotees do not want any bliss other than the enjoyment of  His lotus feet. Hence they are Nadadar.  The village or Oor where these Nadadars lived was ‘Nadadar Oor’, which in course of time became Nadadoor (Also spelt as Nadathur or Nadathoor)The village was founded by Sri Mahakarunika, who was married to the younger sister of Bhagawad Ramanuja.

Bhagawad Ramanuja conferred the “Sribhashya Simhasana” on Sri Nadadoor Azhwan.

Sri Nadadoor Ammal who was the Grand-preceptor of Swami Vedanta Desikan and Sri Ghatika Shatam Ammal  who was preceptor of Sri Adivan Satakopan are most prolific Acharyas of the Nadadoor clan.