Nadadoor Ammal

Varadaguru or Nadadoor Ammal  as he was later known, was  Grandson of Nadadoor Azhwan. He was  scion of the Nadadoor clan. He was the foremost scholar in Sri Vaishnava philosophy and was deeply devoted  to Lord Varadaraja.   His utmost devotion towards Lord Varadaraja earned him epithet “Ammal”, when  the Lord Himself addressed him as “Mother !” , moved by his motherly affection. 

nadadoor Ammal

 Lord Kanchi Varadarajan bestows the title of  “Ammal” 

on  Nadadoor Vardaguru


The Kalakshepa lectures on Sri Bhashya  that he delivered were compiled together by his student  Sri Sudarshanasuri and published as “Srutaprakashika”, which is the most detailed  and authentic commentary  on Sri Bhashya. Among his famous disciplines were Kidambi Appullar, Swami Vedanta Desikan’s Acharya. Sri Nadadoor Ammal  blessing the five year old Swami Desikan, at the eastern prakaara of Sri Varadaraja Temple is a celebrated event in the history of Sri Vaishnavism. A depiction of this event can be seen even today in a  roof painting at the very same location. Devout Sri Vaishanavas make it a point to pay obeisance at this place  before having the darshan of Lord Sri Varadaraja.

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